1: The Suits spinoff for kids was cancelled after just one season, raising concerns about the new series' direction.

2: The show's short lifespan highlighted the challenges of adapting a popular adult drama for a younger audience.

3: Critics pointed to the lack of character development and watered-down plot as the main issues with the spinoff.

4: Fans were disappointed by the absence of the original cast members and the show's failure to capture the essence of Suits.

5: The cancellation of the spinoff serves as a cautionary tale for networks looking to capitalize on existing franchises.

6: The FourYearOld showed that not every successful show can be easily translated into a children's version.

7: The decision to cancel the spinoff indicates a need for more original programming geared specifically towards younger viewers.

8: Despite its short run, The FourYearOld sparked conversations about the challenges of creating spinoffs for different demographics.

9: Ultimately, the failed spinoff serves as a reminder of the importance of staying true to the essence of a show when creating a new series.