1: Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens face off in a friendly competition. Who will come out on top as the better athlete?

2: Simone showcases her gymnastics skills, while Jonathan shows off his football prowess. The battle for superiority heats up between the two athletes.

3: The couple engage in various sports challenges to prove their athletic abilities. Who will emerge victorious in this intense showdown?

4: Simone demonstrates her impressive balance and agility. Jonathan displays his strength and speed on the field.

5: The competition intensifies as both athletes push themselves to the limit. Who will ultimately be crowned the better athlete in this epic battle?

6: Simone and Jonathan continue to impress with their athletic talents. The fight for supremacy reaches its peak as both athletes refuse to back down.

7: The tension between Simone and Jonathan is palpable as they compete fiercely. Who will finally settle the score and claim the title of the ultimate athlete?

8: Both athletes showcase their determination and competitive spirit. The battle between Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens rages on.

9: In the end, the real winner is the bond between Simone and Jonathan. Their friendly rivalry only strengthens their relationship as they support each other's athletic endeavors.