1: "Suits Season 7 Finale Recap" Get all the details on the intense Season 7 finale of "Suits" as the stage is set for a new spinoff show featuring Gina Torres.

2: "Harvey Specter's Dilemma" Discover the tough choices that Harvey Specter faces in the Season 7 finale as he navigates personal and professional challenges.

3: "Jessica Pearson's Next Chapter" Follow Jessica Pearson's journey as she embarks on a new adventure in the upcoming spinoff series and sets up her own law firm.

4: "Mike Ross Returns" Find out what Mike Ross is up to in the Season 7 finale and how his presence will impact the future of the "Suits" characters.

5: "The Future of Pearson Specter Litt" Explore the repercussions of the Season 7 finale on the law firm as alliances are tested and new directions are forged.

6: "Rachel Zane's Career Moves" Discover Rachel Zane's professional journey in the Season 7 finale and how it sets the stage for her future endeavors.

7: "Louis Litt's Redemption" Witness Louis Litt's growth and transformation in the Season 7 finale as he navigates personal challenges and professional triumphs.

8: "Gina Torres' Spinoff Series" Get ready for a new chapter in Gina Torres' career as she takes the lead in the upcoming "Suits" spinoff series.

9: "What's Next for 'Suits' Fans" Stay tuned for more updates on the Gina Torres spinoff series and the future of your favorite "Suits" characters.