1: Simone Biles talks about her relationship with Jonathan Owens. They playfully argue over who is the better athlete.

2: Biles reveals how sports competitions bring out their competitive sides. Both partners push each other to be their best.

3: The couple's playful banter adds fun to their relationship. Arguing about athleticism keeps their bond strong.

4: Biles admires Owens' skills on the football field. The athlete couple's competitiveness is a norm.

5: The couple's love for sports fuels their arguments. Their playful rivalry brings them closer together.

6: Biles discusses how sports have impacted their relationship. The couple's competitiveness adds excitement to their dynamic.

7: Owens and Biles share a love for athleticism. Their playful banter keeps their relationship fun.

8: The couple turns sports debates into bonding moments. Biles and Owens find joy in their competitive spirit.

9: Biles and Owens embrace their athletic rivalry. Their playful arguments reinforce their love for each other.