1: Simone Biles secures place on US world gymnastics team, with her incredible skill and determination.

2: Biles ready to dominate world championships, showcasing her unmatched talent on the global stage.

3: The US team gains a powerhouse with Biles, setting the stage for victory at the championships.

4: Fans eagerly await Biles' performances, anticipating her record-breaking routines at the world championships.

5: Biles' spot on US world gymnastics team solidifies her status as a gymnastics legend.

6: With Biles leading the US team, expectations are high for success at the world championships.

7: Biles' incredible skill and dedication earn her a spot on the prestigious world championships team.

8: The world watches as Biles prepares to make history at the upcoming gymnastics championships.

9: Biles' selection for the US world gymnastics team cements her as one of the greatest in the sport's history.