1: Actor Gabriel Macht discusses the possibility of returning for a potential spinoff of the hit series "Suits".

2: Macht hints at the exciting new direction his character Harvey Specter could take in a spinoff.

3: Fans of "Suits" are eager to see Macht reprise his role in a spinoff series.

4: Macht's return to the world of "Suits" is highly anticipated by loyal fans.

5: The actor's thoughts on a spinoff reveal potential plotlines and character developments.

6: Macht's return would bring a familiar face back to the beloved "Suits" universe.

7: Fans speculate on how Macht's character could be reintroduced in a potential spinoff.

8: Macht's comments fuel excitement for a possible return to the world of "Suits".

9: Stay tuned for updates on Macht's involvement in a potential spinoff of the hit series "Suits".