1: "Armor Wars Perfect Villain Setup" Discover the missing link in Iron Man 2's deleted scene, setting up the perfect villain for Armor Wars.

2: "Mickey Rourke's Unfinished Story" Explore Mickey Rourke's unfinished storyline as Ivan Vanko and its connection to Armor Wars.

3: "Justin Hammer's Role Revealed" Delve into Justin Hammer's potential return and his role in the upcoming Armor Wars storyline.

4: "The Legacy of Whiplash" Uncover the legacy of Whiplash and how it sets the stage for future conflicts in Armor Wars.

5: "Tony Stark's Enemy Returns" Learn how a former enemy of Tony Stark resurfaces to challenge him in Armor Wars.

6: "The Power of Revenge" Witness the power of revenge as it drives the main antagonist in Armor Wars to seek vengeance.

7: "The Ultimate Showdown" Prepare for the ultimate showdown between Iron Man and his newfound nemesis in Armor Wars.

8: "A Battle for Technology" Experience a thrilling battle for technology as the stakes are raised in Armor Wars.

9: "The Future of the MCU" Get ready for the future of the MCU as Armor Wars sets the stage for new adventures and challenges.