1: Simone Biles challenges Jonathan Owens in a friendly argument about who is the better athlete in 2024.

2: Both Simone and Jonathan bring their A-game to the debate, showcasing their athletic achievements and skills.

3: Simone highlights her Olympic gold medals and record-breaking gymnastics performances.

4: Jonathan counters with his impressive football career and dedication to training and fitness.

5: The debate heats up as Simone and Jonathan compare their strength, speed, and agility on the field and the mat.

6: Despite their competitive banter, Simone and Jonathan ultimately admire and respect each other's athletic abilities.

7: The couple's playful rivalry fuels their drive to push each other to new heights in their respective sports.

8: Simone and Jonathan's friendly competition serves as motivation for them to continue excelling and inspiring others.

9: In the end, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens agree that they are both exceptional athletes in their own right.