1: Simone Biles nails the Cheng vault with precision and power, setting the tone for her Olympic triumph.

2: Facing mounting pressure, Simone executes a flawless Amanar vault to further solidify her lead.

3: In a nail-biting final, Simone dazzles with a stunning Yurchenko double pike vault, sealing her victory.

4: The world holds its breath as Simone delivers a near-perfect Tsukahara vault, securing her gold medal dreams.

5: With unwavering focus, Simone stuns the crowd with a breathtaking handspring double front vault in the finals.

6: In a display of sheer athleticism, Simone conquers the competition with a flawless Yurchenko 1 ½ twist vault.

7: Simone defies gravity with a gravity-defying Produnova vault, solidifying her place as the queen of the vault.

8: In a defining moment, Simone's flawless execution of the Biles vault cements her legacy as an Olympic legend.

9: With unparalleled skill and determination, Simone secures her Olympic vault gold with a jaw-dropping Yurchenko double twist vault.