1: Start your day with a nutrient-packed Mediterranean diet breakfast. Quick and easy swaps for families on the go.

2: Trade sugary cereals for iron-rich spinach and feta omelette. Boost your energy levels and support inflammation reduction.

3: Skip the drive-thru and try a breakfast bowl with quinoa, berries and nuts. Delicious and anti-inflammatory.

4: Switch from pancakes to grilled peaches with honey and Greek yogurt. A tasty alternative for a busy morning.

5: Instead of a sugary smoothie, blend a green goddess one with kale, avocado and banana. Nutrient-dense and satisfying.

6: Ditch the toast for whole wheat flatbread topped with hummus and roasted vegetables. A savory twist to your breakfast routine.

7: Replace bacon with turkey bacon or smoked salmon for a healthier breakfast option. Packed with protein and omega-3s.

8: Opt for a chia seed pudding with almond milk and mixed berries. A filling and anti-inflammatory breakfast choice for your family.

9: Enjoy a Mediterranean-inspired breakfast wrap with whole grain tortilla, eggs, feta and tomatoes. A nutritious and quick meal to start your day right.