1: Discover the top 7 5-minute detox juices that target belly fat fast. Say goodbye to bloating with these refreshing drinks.

2: Lemon ginger detox juice is a powerful fat burner. Start your day with this zesty blend to kickstart your metabolism.

3: Pineapple cucumber mint juice aids digestion and reduces inflammation. Enjoy this tropical treat for a slim waistline.

4: Green apple kale detox juice is packed with nutrients for fat loss. Sip on this green goodness to banish belly bulge.

5: Beet carrot ginger juice boosts energy and detoxifies the liver. Drink up to flatten your tummy and feel amazing.

6: Watermelon mint juice is hydrating and refreshing. This juicy elixir helps flush out toxins and melt stubborn belly fat.

7: Cranberry orange detox juice is rich in antioxidants for a glowing complexion. Cheers to a slimmer waistline and radiant skin.

8: Carrot ginger turmeric juice is anti-inflammatory and aids weight loss. Savor this golden elixir for a flatter stomach overnight.

9: Grapefruit cucumber detox juice is low in calories and high in fiber. Detox your body and slim down with this citrusy blend.