1: 1. Michael Phelps: "Incredible display of talent." 2. Usain Bolt: "Unbelievable athleticism from Simone." 3. Serena Williams: "Mind-blowing vault skills."

2: 4. Kobe Bryant: "Simone is on another level." 5. Tom Brady: "I've never seen anything like it." 6. Cristiano Ronaldo: "Simply jaw-dropping performance."

3: 7. LeBron James: "Simone redefining what's possible." 8. Lionel Messi: "Pure genius on the vault." 9. Serena Williams: "Simone's vault skills are unmatched."

4: 10. Michael Jordan: "Simone is a true legend." 11. Muhammad Ali: "Simone's greatness knows no bounds." 12. Pele: "Simone's vault skills are out of this world."

5: 13. Babe Ruth: "Simone's vault performance is legendary." 14. Tiger Woods: "Simone's skills leave me in awe." 15. Wayne Gretzky: "Simone's vault skills are a sight to behold."

6: 16. Martina Navratilova: "Simone's vault skills are truly exceptional." 17. Roger Federer: "Simone's talent is unmatched." 18. Rafael Nadal: "Simone's vault skills are extraordinary."

7: 19. Michael Phelps: "Simone's vault skills are unmatched." 20. Usain Bolt: "Simone's talent is truly remarkable." 21. Serena Williams: "Simone's vault skills are a marvel."

8: 22. Kobe Bryant: "Simone's vault skills are truly unmatched." 23. Tom Brady: "Simone's talent is truly exceptional." 24. Cristiano Ronaldo: "Simone's vault skills are a spectacle."

9: 25. LeBron James: "Simone's vault skills are unparalleled." 26. Lionel Messi: "Simone's talent is truly extraordinary." 27. Serena Williams: "Simone's vault skills are legendary."