1: Introduction Discover how Simone Biles has dominated the competition against her athlete husband in these 5 events.

2: Gymnastics Witness Simone's gold medal performances in gymnastics competitions, leaving her husband in awe.

3: Track and Field Simone's speed and agility on the track have proven to be unmatched by her husband.

4: Swimming Dive into the world of swimming with Simone's impressive victories over her husband in the pool.

5: Tennis Serve and volley your way through Simone's tennis matches where she reigns supreme over her husband.

6: Snowboarding Experience the thrill of snowboarding as Simone showcases her skills on the slopes, surpassing her husband's performances.

7: CrossFit Witness Simone's strength and endurance in CrossFit competitions, outshining her athlete husband.

8: Golf Follow Simone's journey on the golf course as she consistently outperforms her husband, claiming victory each time.

9: Conclusion In conclusion, Simone Biles consistently proves her dominance in these 5 competitions, leaving her athlete husband in the dust.