1: 1. Greek Avgolemono Soup: A hearty mix of chicken, noodles, and tangy lemon. 2. Italian Wedding Soup: Mini meatballs, pasta, and veggies in a savory broth.

2: 3. Spanish Sopa de Fideos: Chicken, vermicelli noodles, and a flavorful tomato base. 4. Moroccan Harira: A spicy soup with chicken, lentils, noodles, and aromatic spices.

3: 5. Turkish Tavuk Çorbası: Creamy chicken noodle soup with a hint of mint. 6. Lebanese Shorbet Addes: A lentil-based soup with chicken, noodles, and warm spices.

4: 7. Israeli Matzah Ball Soup: Fluffy matzah balls, chicken, noodles, and herbs in a rich broth. 8. Syrian Shorba al-Dajaj: A fragrant chicken noodle soup with Middle Eastern flavors.

5: 9. Tunisian Chorba Frik: Hearty wheat soup with chicken, noodles, and veggies. 10. Cypriot Avgolemono: A creamy chicken noodle soup thickened with egg and lemon.

6: 11. Maltese Soppa Tal-Armla: A vegetarian soup with pasta, chickpeas, and Mediterranean herbs. 12. Algerian Chorba Beida: White chicken noodle soup with potatoes and fragrant spices.

7: 13. Croatian Kokošja Juha: A simple chicken noodle soup with carrots and parsley. 14. French Potage au Poulet: A rustic chicken soup with noodles and root veggies.

8: 15. Portuguese Canary Feijoada: A bean stew with chicken, noodles, and a spicy kick. 16. Italian Minestrone: A chunky soup with chicken, noodles, and a medley of veggies.

9: 17. Spanish Sopa de Pollo: Traditional chicken noodle soup with a Spanish twist. 18. Moroccan Chickpea Soup: A hearty blend of chicken, noodles, and chickpeas in fragrant broth.