1: Indulge in traditional German cuisine with these 10 must-try dishes for a quick lunch break!

2: Savor a classic Currywurst, a tasty sausage smothered in curry ketchup.

3: Enjoy a hearty bowl of Rouladen, tender beef rolls with mustard and bacon.

4: Delight in a comforting plate of Schnitzel, crispy breaded pork or veal.

5: Taste a savory Bratwurst, grilled sausage served with sauerkraut and mustard.

6: Try a delicious Käsespätzle, cheesy egg noodles baked to perfection.

7: Sample a filling Boulette, a German-style meatball served with potatoes.

8: Experience the rich flavors of Sauerbraten, marinated beef stew with gravy.

9: Finish with a sweet Apfelstrudel, apple-filled pastry dusted with powdered sugar. Enjoy!